I am really excited to be a part of raindropgifts. 20% of each sale goes towards the charity. If someone is interested in participating it is very easy to do. Currently funktionalspa.etsy.com has been the best for us. Although it is exciting to see us somewhere else. One of the things that frustrates me the most about selling online is figuring out shipping. It pays to research what usps charges for each of their boxes. They often have two boxes exactly the same although one may be of regular post (more cost) the other priority. I will give more tips later.

Great Customers

"What an amazing soap! Makes you feel fresh and so clean, CLEAN! haha. Okay yeah, I couldn't resist. One of my favorites! :D"
It is feedback such as this that make all of the hard work worth it:)
The tea tree is really one of our first soaps we wanted to get out there. I use to have alot of acne as a teenager and it was sooo embarrassing for me. Our sons (four strapping young punks) are coming of age and need the help of the anti-bacterial affects of the tea tree. What tops it off is the goats milk soap with a creamy lather. 

Monster Eyeball

Well I have had this monster vision in my mind for months. Last night it came to me and I worked on this wonder until 4 am! 9/5/09
I wanted something that would gradually wear away from each layer keeping the eyeball effect for as long as possible. Paint wasn't an option since the outer layer would soon fade away. I started with a black ball of goats milk soap, suspended it in a white goats milk sphere and then proceeded to do the same with a neon green glycerin layer. I ended up with over 9 ounces of Monster Eye greatness! So as you wash the green layer will turn to white, then the white to black. Pretty kickin' right?! Woot! Come on Halloween, we're ready for ya!

Now I have to accomplish a smaller weighing eye. I'll keep you posted.