Knowing When to Ask For Help

Well like most of us men I like to think of myself as invincible. Wrong! We are working day and night at funktional to get orders out. I had another spinal surgery last Wednesday and left the hospital Saturday. So my advice to men and women out there if your brain tells you that dohichey looks heavy GET HELP! My whole family put up with me cranky, endless pain, lots of medication, loss of work and forgetting what is what for two months before I was able to have surgery again.
So tomorrow the shop will be put on vacation for the week to allow everyone to recover. 
Funktional is alive and well so make your lists. When we open back up shipping dates will be tight in December. We have been warned that there are cut backs at the postal service even more during the holidays. 
Anyways stay healthy, love your family, and then take care of business with the customers coming first. I would like to get a picture of my second set of stiches to post on here they are about 6 inches up my back. The first was only three inches:) I'm sure it would have grossed wynn out and she would have said to take it of the blog:)