Moroccan Argan Oil 2 oz - Flawless Skin Remedy

Wow!! I love this stuff:
It's Back!!
100% Argan Oil! 100% Natural! Made from the nuts of the Argan tree, which grows exclusively in Morocco. Argan oil regenerates, heals, nurtures, and protects your skin. The Vitamin F or essential fatty acids (Omega 6) moisturize the skin combating aging, drying, smoothing out the skin, and improving its elasticity. Argan oil's unique natural components regulate lipid levels minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. The high concentration of Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals shielding your skin against aggressive environmental factors.

Ideal for daily use, or in the morning as a base to your make-up.
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Funktional Future African Black Soap Sales

I had a 10oz sample given to me from a good friend whom is from Africa. The bar was split up and I gave it out to family members. They went nuts for it. It was like I insulted them with a slap in the face as they heard I had no more. When I told them I didn't know if I could get anymore they would not take that for an answer and told me to figure it out soon.

The African Black Soap is only truly that if it is made in Africa. The process is very tedious and can only have specific ingredients to it. The consumer some in which use castor oil with it wash their face with it. In a matter of a day or more acne, oils, blemishes seem to decrease. They enjoy how their faces feel and I guess it boosts their confidence extremely.

So I have found it in amounts that I will invest in. It is a matter of having the customer base for it.
If you are interested in purchasing it let me know:)

Funktional Has a New Camera

Yes, it is finally here. We have needed a new camera for a long time. Every shot in our Funktional store has been taken from a small digital camera with a foggy scratchy lens. It took us awhile to save our pennies some of which were meant to go towards our future home in maine. That is a part of business though and we have many more products to put up.

LyricsAndQuotes new to Funktional

Wynn has paced the floors wondering and worrying as we dream of Funktional being more. Designs for the living room or the game room. Many more are to come:)
Welcome to our journey.
2 Creative Geniuses Right Here In Michigan:)

Matt and Mum - You've won the Jackpot!

Okay, admittedly, we haven't figured out how to get the masses to follow our blog yet. That's so strange, Drew and I are rock stars in our own little worlds...I guess the rest of the world hasn't caught on yet. Well, most of the world. Matt and Mum are ahead of their times and they don't even know one another. Matt, are you out there? Meet Mum, Mum are you reading? Meet Matt. He rocks it! So back to the ceremony...I want to throw out a big thank you to my mum for deciding to follow us this week. Arent' mum's the best? Mum's are always some of the best supporters, especially mine. And of course there's Matt, one of our most loyal Funktional fans from the very start. There was suppose to be one winner...we decided there has to be two. Matt and are both winners in our dear Funktional hearts and we just couldn't pass up the chance to shower you both with a little Funktional love. Thank you for following, thank you for all y'alls support, thank you for sticking with us. Keep an eye out in the mail and if by chance you'd like a different scent, just let us know. We can make it happen!
Hugs and Kisses!
Wynn and Drew

Body Butter Giveaway

We will be giving away a Lime and Coconut Body Butter this friday. All we need you to do is become a follower of our blog and leave one comment. You will then be placed in the drawing which will occur friday evening. In the future we hope to have a weekly drawing to help grow our blog into an informational and entertaining source.

Kia o' Kia

Snuggle all weekend was the plan. Which we've been doing successfully. A pile of movies each day, picking away at our time with no problems. Then today arrives. The day after Christmas and the SAVE 50% at the craft store flier breaks our resolve. You have to know that once you drive a vehicle over the 100,000 mark that things are going to start happening and with as many road trips that we take and our yearly drives to Maine... well we should have never left the house. We had an obligation to snuggle and snack. Kia over heated and seized up causing five passer byes to stop and ask if we needed help. No, thanks though, the tow truck is on the way brrrrrrr. So I called my brother and he picked us up and we left our road companion on the side of the road and in the hands of the tow driving stranger. Kia was left behind in sorrow and is now alone in a yard to be serviced on Monday. Kia o" Kia we will not let you down and will have you better don't you worry. So Wynn and I are back on the couch. Snacks and movies looking at us like idiots for ever leaving. Why leave a world of make believe and salty, crunchy goodness? Why leave our chilled bottles of wine. We learned our lesson. So for now, we're back in our world of make believe, drinking wine, eating snacks, watching 500 Days of Summer and trying to forget the inevitable financial burden that awaits us on Monday. Learn, laugh, love, pay your taxes, and wish everyone would actually pay you on time. Fret Fret Fret:)