Kia o' Kia

Snuggle all weekend was the plan. Which we've been doing successfully. A pile of movies each day, picking away at our time with no problems. Then today arrives. The day after Christmas and the SAVE 50% at the craft store flier breaks our resolve. You have to know that once you drive a vehicle over the 100,000 mark that things are going to start happening and with as many road trips that we take and our yearly drives to Maine... well we should have never left the house. We had an obligation to snuggle and snack. Kia over heated and seized up causing five passer byes to stop and ask if we needed help. No, thanks though, the tow truck is on the way brrrrrrr. So I called my brother and he picked us up and we left our road companion on the side of the road and in the hands of the tow driving stranger. Kia was left behind in sorrow and is now alone in a yard to be serviced on Monday. Kia o" Kia we will not let you down and will have you better don't you worry. So Wynn and I are back on the couch. Snacks and movies looking at us like idiots for ever leaving. Why leave a world of make believe and salty, crunchy goodness? Why leave our chilled bottles of wine. We learned our lesson. So for now, we're back in our world of make believe, drinking wine, eating snacks, watching 500 Days of Summer and trying to forget the inevitable financial burden that awaits us on Monday. Learn, laugh, love, pay your taxes, and wish everyone would actually pay you on time. Fret Fret Fret:)


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