Essential Oils - Setting Your Mood

With Funktional Spa Wynn and I are always mixing, creating and combining scents. Tonight I thought it might be a good idea to touch on the benefits of essential oils for your mood. Specific scents are helpful for different issues; someone who is dealing with depression may need an energizing aroma while an anxious person would benefit from more calming, soothing smells. In some cases, certain scents are indicated for multiple conditions. If you're ever in need of a specific scent added to a soap, salve or solid perfume etc. let us know. We are always here to help.

Essential Oils for Anxiety/Stress:
• Bergamot: Fresh scent with a mix of citrus and floral notes
• Lavender: Fresh sweet and floral scent.
• Patchouli: Pungent and rich woody smell.
• Ylang Ylang: A mixture of floral, sweet, and fruity notes.
• Jasmine: A warm and exotic floral.
• Juniper Berry: Pungent sweet, crisp smell with fruity hints.
• Geranium: Fresh floral scent with sweet and fruity notes.
• Chamomile: Sweet and fruity.
• Clary Sage: Pungent earthy scent with a slight fruitiness.

Essential Oils for Depression:
• Clary Sage: Pungent earthy scent with a slight fruitiness.
• Lavender: Fresh sweet and floral scent.
• Ylang Ylang: A mixture of floral, sweet, and fruity notes.
• Chamomile: Sweet and fruity.
• Frankincense: Fresh and woody with a slightly spicy, fruity note.
• Sandalwood: Rich and sweet with a mixture of woody & floral notes.
• Marjoram: Slightly medicinal yet sweet and woody.

Essential Oils for Sleep Difficulty:
• Chamomile: Sweet and fruity.
• Lavender: Fresh sweet and floral scent.
• Patchouli: Pungent and rich woody smell.
• Lemon Balm: Citrusy and fresh.
• Neroli: Exotic blend of citrus, floral, and sweet notes.
• Sandalwood: Rich & sweet with a mixture of woody & floral notes.
• Ylang Ylang: A mixture of floral, sweet, and fruity notes.

Essential Oils for Mental Clarity
and Concentration:
• Bergamot: Fresh scent with a mix of citrus and floral notes
• Peppermint: Strong minty smell.
• Grapefruit: Citrusy and fresh with a slight hint of bitter.
• Lemon: Light, citrus scent.
• Basil: Sweet with a slightly medicinal smell.

About My Super Hero Wife and Her Talent

Really a man has very basic primal needs in life. Food, Water, Movements of the bodily kind, Sex, and food (Did I say food?). During my travels I decided that a brilliant kick ass partner in life is what I really needed. That is when Wynn, Creative Genius #1, super hero to many, came into my life.

As you see in the attached photo she has a very creative eye and this billboard has won her national attention. I scan through her work on a weekly basis and it continues to amaze me even to this day. To most a billboard is just a billboard. Is anything ever really that simple? Not in the world of advertising and most definitely not in the world of Wynn. Be warned! Drive by her billboards with care or those seven worded wonders may cause your neck to twist and pop off your head while driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour.

Eco-Clean Laundry Ball Product Review - Passes the Funktional Spa Test

I recently heard from an old classmate and after catching up she introduced me to the latest and greatest of "Green" products. This product is a partial replacement for laundry detergent. This made me perk up and listen a little more intently. I have issues with oridinary landry detergents. I am allergic to bleach, various brands of laundry detergent and have seen various doctors about embarrassing rashes that have all gone full circle and pointed an angry finger at the detergent industry. There's just so many times a man can endure this kind of pain and humiliation. On top of my personal woes, lets face it, the planet isn't getting any younger.

Also, anyone that knows me is wondering why I haven't mentioned the cost by now. I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it. We all know that laundry detergent isn't cheap but it's a necessary evil. The Eco-Clean Laundry Ball cost around $38. If you are a penny pinching scrouge like me you probably have stopped reading. Don't do it! You should keep reading. It might save the world, at the very least, it will make your skin breath easier and yes, it will even save you money. The Eco-Clean Laundry Ball will last you up to 1,000 washes! That's over two years worth of laundry. Now you're wondering if it works and if this is too good to be true. That's why I'm here, to report on this little miracle ball. And nope, I'm not selling anything, I'm just reviewing a product.

Wynn and I have used the Eco-Clean Laundry Ball for a few weeks now and love it! As a matter of a fact we bought my mother one for her birthday and she has been equally impressed. If we have a load that is heavily soiled we'll add 1/4 cap of detergent but other then that no detergent is needed.

How does it work? Here's what the Smart Product guide has to say:
Thanks to the friction of its ceramic pearls during the washing cycle, the Eco-Clean Laundry Ball reinforces the cleansing properties of water and softens the fabric to amke impurities easier to remove. It protects the laundry against oxidation, preserves its colors and enhances the suppleness and softness of fabrics. The laundry ball can be used alone for everyday washing.

How awesome is that?!?!
If you're interested in the product email me at

Hunter's Soap

I really get a kick out of this soap. Wynn and I smelled the scent of fresh earth with amazement. It really smells like clean soil. I mixed it in our hot process soap. Our thought are that it will make a great gift for a birthday or any holiday for that special hunter in someone's life.
We wanted something that would aid in the camoflage of normal human scent. With some research we found this mix. Truelly it has not been tested by us in preventing that monster buck from smelling us.
Wynn also made labels for our Ole as Dirt Soap which would make a funny birthday gift. I am not sure what it is about giving soap to someone as a gift. Everyone takes a bath I guess and a little fun added to a natural as possible product makes it even better.
I am interested in our Chinese Anise scent which is key for fisherman. Anyways as we were cooking up the soap and I added the earth scent in it was obvious to be a hit. Hopefully it will be as big a success as the gin and tonic and mojito soaps.