About My Super Hero Wife and Her Talent

Really a man has very basic primal needs in life. Food, Water, Movements of the bodily kind, Sex, and food (Did I say food?). During my travels I decided that a brilliant kick ass partner in life is what I really needed. That is when Wynn, Creative Genius #1, super hero to many, came into my life.

As you see in the attached photo she has a very creative eye and this billboard has won her national attention. I scan through her work on a weekly basis and it continues to amaze me even to this day. To most a billboard is just a billboard. Is anything ever really that simple? Not in the world of advertising and most definitely not in the world of Wynn. Be warned! Drive by her billboards with care or those seven worded wonders may cause your neck to twist and pop off your head while driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour.


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