Funktional Future African Black Soap Sales

I had a 10oz sample given to me from a good friend whom is from Africa. The bar was split up and I gave it out to family members. They went nuts for it. It was like I insulted them with a slap in the face as they heard I had no more. When I told them I didn't know if I could get anymore they would not take that for an answer and told me to figure it out soon.

The African Black Soap is only truly that if it is made in Africa. The process is very tedious and can only have specific ingredients to it. The consumer some in which use castor oil with it wash their face with it. In a matter of a day or more acne, oils, blemishes seem to decrease. They enjoy how their faces feel and I guess it boosts their confidence extremely.

So I have found it in amounts that I will invest in. It is a matter of having the customer base for it.
If you are interested in purchasing it let me know:)


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